The routes below have been derived over several (ie many) cycling trips to Majorca based at Puerto Pollensa.


They were originally hosted on a small website called "Biciclettas Pollensa" and so you will find that when you load the routes into your Garmin they are labelled Bi-Po-01, Bi-Po-02 etc etc.


For each route I have provided the total ascent, to give an indication of severity/difficulty. Bit of a health warning on these figures, some of them are calculated out of and I can't guarantee their accuracy, but they do give a relative indication.


Click on the map images for an enlarged view of the route.


Route 1

Distance: 62 miles. Total ascent: 2,400 ft.
Terrain: Mainly really long drag.


Along the northern coast then turning inland up the long, long drag to Petra and on to San Juan, then Sineu. Perhaps a coffee either in the lower square or at the velodrome.

From Sineu return via Llubi, Sa Pobla, bullrushes road to Alcudia and then the back road to Puerto Pollensa.


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Route 2 (version  2)

Distance: 76 miles. Total ascent: 4,000 ft.
Terrain: Half big climb.


Campagnet, Selva, Biniamar, Llosetta and the steep short climb to drop into Alaro. Then up the Orient and descend into Bunyola followed by a further drop into Santa Maria.

Take the Pipe Road towards Muro, but turning early to Sa Pobla. Bullrushes road, Alcudia, back road.


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Route 3

Distance: 33 miles. Total ascent: 1,200 ft.
Terrain: Mainly Flat.


Nice as a short ride, perhaps on day of arrival or departure. Out through Alcudia to the C'an Picafort roundabout. Turn right, then right again to Muro. On to Sa Pobla, round the ring road, over the motorway and it's the lumpy road past the golf course to Pollensa Old Town and finish down the garden road.


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Route 4

Distance: Just under 90 miles. Total ascent: 7,300 ft.
Terrain: Mountains.


Nearly 90 miles with a lot of climbing. Lluch Monastery, through Escorca, past the lakes and through the tunnels to descend Puig Major to Soller. Over Little Sol and drop into Bunyola (don't miss the left turn).

Descend further to Santa Maria, the pipe road, Sa Pobla, bullrushes, Alcudia and back road return.


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Route 5

Distance: 76 miles. Total ascent: 3,000 ft.
Terrain: Mainly Flat, with a few drags.


Love this route. 75 miles. Sa Pobla, Llubi, back lane to Sineu, LLoret, Monturri and then onto Porreres.

Lunch in the gorgeous square there, then on to Villa Franca, Petra, up the Col de Walls, down the Col de Steps to the coast road. Son Serra, C'an Picafort, Alcudia.  Job'n'cake time.


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Route 6

Distance: 72 miles. Total ascent: 2,600 ft.
Terrain: Mainly Flat.....some long drags.


Pollensa old town, Sa Pobla, Pipe road, Sencelles, Pina for lunch.

San Juan, Sineu, Llubi, Sa Pobla etc.


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Route 7

Distance: 54 miles. Total ascent: 2,000ft.
Terrain: Mainly Flat with a few small drags.


Sineau via the back lane from Llubi, then down to Son Serra and the coast road back.


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Route 8

Distance: 81 miles. Total ascent: 5,500ft.
Terrain: Mountains


Two big climbs in this route. Pipe road to Santa Maria, then the drag up to Bunyola. Up and down the Orient then Llosetta, Selves and up the Selva Gorge to the petrol station.

Down past the Lluch monastery to Pollensa.


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Route 9

Distance: 33 miles. Total ascent: 1,000 ft.
Terrain: Flat


Another short ride that's useful for the day of arrival/departure.

It goes to the caves at Campagnet where it turns left, and passes over the motorway junction to Sa Pobla. Bullrushes road to Alcudia then back to base through the lanes.


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Route 10

Distance: Just under 70 miles. Total ascent: 2,800 ft.
Terrain: Mainly Flat....a few drags


Lumpy road to Sa Pobla then onto the pipe road chopping directly to Sencelles. Bit of a climb up through the wooded area, then Pina for lunch in the nice quiet square.

Lloret and Sa Pobla then via Santa Margalida to the coast road at Son Serra.


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Route 11

Distance: 54 miles. Total ascent: 2,100 ft.
Terrain: Mainly Flat, a few lumps.


Coast road to Son Serra then the long slightly uphill drag all the way to Sineau.

Back via LLubi, Sa Pobla and the lumpy road towards Pollensa old town.


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Route 12

Distance: 30 miles. Total ascent: 1,500 ft.
Terrain: Mainly Flat


Nice short route, often useful as a shakedown ride on day of arrival. It goes out through the village of Campagnet then drops down to the motorway and uses the service road for a couple of junctions. Then onto the lumpy'ish road towards Pollensa Old Town before turning right at the golf course.


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Route 13

Distance: 65 miles. Total ascent: 2,800 ft.
Terrain: Mainly flat


Coast road to Son Serra, then inland via Santa Margalida, Sineau etc to Pina. Nice market square for lunch, then back down through the trees....Sancelles, pipe road, Sa Pobla and back over the lumpy back road and via the golf course.


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Route 14

Distance: 67 miles. Total ascent: 6,900 ft.
Terrain: Mountains


Double mountain route. Takes the back roads through Campagnet and onto Caimari. From there it's the Selva Gorge climb to the petrol station, then left through Escorca to the aqueduct/orange-seller. And then The Snake. ie down the 10kms of Sa Calobra. The descent is truly awesome. Have a coffee at the Port and then 10kms back up.

Re-route through Escorca to the petrol station junction, but keep left and pass the Lluch Monastery. A few short and sharp climbs to get to the top of the pass then it's downhill all the way back to Puerto Pollensa.

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Route 15


Distance: 50 miles. Total ascent: 1,900 ft.
Terrain: Flat


Nice steady ride that goes via Sa Pobla, through the middle of Llubi, then a lovely back lane to Sineu (and the cafe at the velodrome).

Return is via the newly surfaced road to Muro, then to C'an Picafort, and onwards through Alcudia.


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Route 16

Distance: 65 miles. Total ascent: 4,000 ft.
Terrain: One mountain pass


Out via Campagnet to Selva, then on to LLosetta.
A series of small lanes (some a bit scabby) rakes you to Santa Maria (coffee and cake).
On to the pipe road then left to Binisalem. Down the old main road for a while before turning left to Llosetta and back to Selves. And then the joy of the Selva Gorge to the petrol station, turn right and descend past the Lluch monastery to Pollensa.


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The scabby lanes around Lloret and on to Santa Maria have become increasingly scabby, so until they get resurfaced the recommendation is for V2 of Route 16.


This is basically the same route, but loops through Biniamar and Binisallem in both the outward, and the return, legs. Plus a nice section through Mancor de la Vall to the base of the Col de Batalla climb at Caimari.


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Route 17

Distance: 63 miles. Total ascent: 2,650 ft.
Terrain: Flat/rolling

A truly gorgeous route that uses a lot of small lanes (yes....even smaller than usual).  Alcudia, bullrushes to Sa Pobla and then the pipe road. Left down a small lane to Sancelles (lunch) then onto Costitx and a tiny lane to LLoret. Sineu and down towards Llubi, then loop past Llubi station and some more small lanes onto the service road alongside the motorway. Across to Ullaro, then past the Campagnet Caves and home.


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Route 18

Distance: 62 miles. Total ascent: 2,000 ft.
Terrain: Mainly really long drag.


Along the northern coast then turning inland at Son Serra up the long drag towards Santa Margalida, past the cemetery then on to Maria. Take some lovely lanes to the outskirts on Llubi and then up the back lane to Sineu for coffee/cake/sarnie at one of the many cafes.


Out of Sineu past the windmill along the nice road to Muro (crossing your previous track), a back lane to Sa Pobla, then up to the golf course and a return to PP via Big Ditch Lane.


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Route 19

Distance: 81 miles. Total ascent: 5,300 ft.
Terrain: Mountains


Two good climbs - Orient and Selva Gorge.


This is a variation on Route 8 as it takes the smooth road up to Orient (and the slightly scabby descent to Bunyola). But it gives a lovely long zoom down to Santa Maria and the famous cake restaurant on the corner (Cellar Sa Sini).


A short spell on the Pipe Road, then through Binisalem to Llosetta before looping via BiniMar and Mancor De La Vell en route to CaiMari and the Selva Gorge climb. Turn right at the petrol station and descend (via three uphills) back to Pollensa.


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Route 20

Distance: 52 miles. Total ascent: 1,500ft.
Terrain: Nice and flat. Just a few drags.


Alcudia, Bullrushes, wiggle around Sa Pobla, Schnell Bridge into LLubi. Then Nick's lane to Sineu for a coffee etc..

A lovely whizz back to LLubi, then past Llubi station, past the horse farm to the motorway service road. Ullaro, Caves, and back via the Road Of Drains and Llenaire.


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Route 21

Distance: 77 miles. Total ascent: 2,500ft.
Terrain: Generally flattish. A few drags and a couple of short, steep little pulls.


Lots, and lots, and lots of little lanes.


A new addition for 2023. Nabbed from a friend's Strava and will be test ridden in early May. 


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Route 22


Distance: 48 miles. Total ascent circa 1,300ft

Terrain: mainly flat, a few drags


After the busy stretch through Alcudia and Can Picafort there are lots of lovely tiny lanes. An optional stop-off in Santa Margalida or Muro, and another option at the Campanet caves.


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Route 23


Distance 77 miles. Total ascent approx 5,200 ft

Terrain: Mountains


Col de Trofla, Col d'Orient, Col de Battalla


This a derivative of Route 19, but because the road surface between the towns of Orient and Bunyola is truly appalling (to the point of being dangerous) we climb the Col de'Orient then descend back down the same lovely surface, and head into Alaro. Onto Santa Maria for a bite of lunch, then pipe road for a while before turning through Binisallem, Lloret, Biniamar, Mancor de la Vall, Caimari. Up the Selva Gorge (Col de Battalla), then descend the Femenia to Pollensa and on to the Port.


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