Two-day Wattathon January 2017

On 28th and 29th we will be hosting a Two-day Wattbike Charity Challenge. The nominated charity is the Stroke Association.


The event will run from 9:00am to 5:00pm on each day.


There will be sixteen teams altogether (eight teams per day), and each team will consist of eight riders. Each team has a nominated Team Captain (see schedule below) and it is the captain's responsibility to fill in their slot in the schedule with the names/details of the eight riders, and to ensure that those riders are present and ready to go at the specified time (no pressure there then!).


Cost is £10 per rider, per hour. Payment will be taken on the day, at Registration.


The targets are 2,200 miles ridden and £2,000 generated.


There is a donation page:-


Each team will ride for exactly 60 minutes and the distances for each Wattbike will be recorded at the end of the 60 minutes. We will allow 2 minutes for changeover to the next team (distance recorded, rider off, clean down machine, next rider on, bike adjusted, Wattbike reset, rider ready to go). So in essence we will slip 2 minutes every hour (eg the 10:00am session will actually start at 10:02, the 11:00am at 11:04 etc etc), but we will ride for the full total of 8 hours per day (ie 16 hours altogether).


If you would like to ride then either contact the relevant Team Captain, or Luke Selibas.


Additionally, to raise further funds we will run a raffle on the if you have any prizes you/your company would like to donate then we would love to hear from you